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La Phantom; [entries|friends|calendar]
A Phantom of the Opèra roleplaying community.

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The Gala Performance. [24 Sep 2005|09:28am]


The sweet yet complex music flowed throughout the Opera House; a production of Faust was going under way, oh how the delightful music of Goethe flowed through. All seats and all boxes were filled, there was utter silence (except for the jabber of young men in the boxes whom were dicussing business rather than paying attention.) It was only the uptmost beginning of the opera, and Faust had already made his entrance!

The solemn tunes of Piangi quite echoed, with a superb tone, though he seemed to drone,
"I've studied now Philosophy
And Jurisprudence, Medicine,
And even, alas! Theology
All through and through with ardour keen!
Here now I stand, poor fool, and see
I'm just as wise as formerly.
Am called a Master, even Doctor too,
And now I've nearly ten years through
Pulled my students by their noses to and fro
And up and down, across, about,
And see there's nothing we can know!
That all but burns my heart right out.
True, I am more clever than all the vain creatures,
The Doctors and Masters, Writers and Preachers;
No doubts plague me, nor scruples as well.
I'm not afraid of devil or hell.
To offset that, all joy is rent from me.
I do not imagine I know aught that's right;
I do not imagine I could teach what might
Convert and improve humanity.
Nor have I gold or things of worth,
Or honours, splendours of the earth.
No dog could live thus any more!
So I have turned to magic lore,
To see if through the spirit's power and speech
Perchance full many a secret I may reach,
So that no more with bitter sweat
I need to talk of what I don't know yet,
So that I may perceive whatever holds
The world together in its inmost folds,
See all its seeds, its working power,
And cease word-threshing from this hour.
Oh, that, full moon, thou didst but glow
Now for the last time on my woe,
Whom I beside this desk so oft
Have watched at midnight climb aloft.
Then over books and paper here
To me, sad friend, thou didst appear!
Ah! could I but on mountain height
Go onward in thy lovely light,
With spirits hover round mountain caves,
Weave over meadows thy twilight laves,
Discharged of all of Learning's fumes, anew
Bathe me to health in thy healing dew.
Woe! am I stuck and forced to dwell
Still in this musty, cursed cell?
Where even heaven's dear light strains
But dimly through the painted panes!
Hemmed in by all this heap of books,
Their gnawing worms, amid their dust,
While to the arches, in all the nooks,
Are smoke-stained papers midst them thrust,
Boxes and glasses round me crammed,
And instruments in cases hurled,
Ancestral stuff around me jammed-
That is your world! That's called a world!
And still you question why your heart
Is cramped and anxious in your breast?
Why each impulse to live has been repressed
In you by some vague, unexplained smart?
Instead of Nature's living sphere
In which God made mankind, you have alone,
In smoke and mould around you here,
Beasts' skeletons and dead men's bone.
Up! Flee! Out into broad and open land!
And this book full of mystery,
From Nostradamus' very hand,
Is it not ample company?
The stars' course then you'll understand
And Nature, teaching, will expand
The power of your soul, as when
One spirit to another speaks. 'Tis vain
To think that arid brooding will explain
The sacred symbols to your ken.
Ye spirits, ye are hovering near;
Oh, answer me if ye can hear!

But not that anyone really cared, they were all concerned for this.. This Christine Daae, especially one man, the Vicomte de Changy, or simple Raoul in easier terms. He had known that dear girl for such a long time, even asked her hand in marriage at the tender age of nineteen, in which she declined and he never saw her again. He was deathly excited, dressed in what a regular man of the current era would be wearing. Hair tied back of course, this was quite a night. He really never had time to do things like see plays, or the opera. All he was ever involved in were his brother's schemes to do good to the de Changy name, which failed miserably. But being here, in this very moment, was exciting and enthralling.
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Welcome.. [18 Aug 2005|12:02pm]

Welcome my darling little members, no roleplay has started yet, and I thought I'd post which characters are still open!

Characters Taken:
Meg Giry

Characters Open:
Armand/Andrè Moncharmin. (It's Armand/Andrè for in the novel he was Armand, and in the play and 2004 screen adaptation it was Andrè.)
Richard Firmin.
Madame Giry
Meg Giry
Raoul de Changy
Count Phillipe
Madame Sorelli
Joseph Buquet
Erik/ Phantom
The Persain
Mamma Valérius
Christine Daae
La Carlotta

Those are the only characters that are coming off my mind, for the spots of made-ups. There are twelve. Well, eleven at the moment since my made-up character will be used very much. This is currently not being posted in laphantom_ooc as the roleplay hasn't started. :P

P.S-- I enjoy poto_stillness! :o
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